About Dene

Dene Maria Sebastiana is a native New Yorker, a master coach, teacher, facilitator, and medicine man. He is a current Leader Emeritus and former Executive Director of the ManKind Project (formerly the New Warrior Network), an international men’s educational and training organization and network.

Dene has initiated open men’s circles in many communities throughout the US and Canada for more than thirty years.

Dene’s work teaches men, women, and couples how to break through their unconscious patterns, emerging more authentic, self-aware, and open hearted. He brings compassionate fierceness, and a multi-leveled capacity to get to the heart of the matter … through his workshops, trainings, coaching, and writing.

Dene is passionate about gender balance and equality: in himself and in all his relations. HIs commitment is to change the world through changing himself. He and his beloved Ming celebrate a sacred marriage of more than thirty years. They have two grown sons Dakota and Dylan. Ming and Dene live in Denver, CO.