The Activist Mommy Essay

Wow, a potent voice, and an important perspective. Lots of passion can get in the way, without much sensitivity to the women who are truly victims. But she does blow the whistle on the ‘shadowy victimhood’ that weaves itself through this #metoo movement.

Maybe that’s inevitable, as everything has its light and shadow. What is important is this: a major root of male abuse of power has been flushed out of the shadows. It is indeed bigger than anyone imagined, but honestly, I am not surprised at all. I have worked with men long enough to know the beasts that wander around inside our psyches, that unconsciously explode out into the world.

ALL of our global issues reflect the same, and the more tentacles that get exposed, the sooner we can slay the Beast. Politics, banks, human trafficking, sex trade, pornography, child abuse; colonialism, annihilation of native people of color, armaments, chem-trails, nukes, weather control; oil, pharma, insurance, ecology, medicine. It’s Trump, the kid in North Korea, the old white men in Congress who passed the new tax law, the NFL, Hollywood moguls, the NRA, Fox News … are these not the tentacles of the same Beast?

This discourse is not a WAR on the established order, because they have taught us, through all the wars they have thrown at us, that wars are not the answer … they are the problem. It is the patriarchal program … the dominant white male … that has run our planet for millennia. It is a program that shapes and imprints how men and women are supposed to be, with fully scoped out user manuals that we have all said yes to, because we have been too unconscious to understand the code.

It is our FEAR that keeps all of this in place, the fear of being uncomfortable that keeps us contained and quiet. The fear that is constantly being drilled into us, especially from their media. It is an effective technique to keep us distracted, anxious, addicted, and essentially powerless to truly effectuate change.

Human consciousness is in dire need of a tuneup, an upgrade in our collective software. We already know the seeds of the new consciousness, for we are the intrepid travelers, the outside-the-boxers, the radical and misfits and rebels and revolutionaries, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR !!!

One way or another, the planet will survive … the prophet George Carlin told us that. It is OUR survival that is at stake. The new code is simple, but not easy. It is swapping out the word fear and replacing it with the word LOVE. It is the movement from head to heart, from sex to heart, from eyes & ears to heart … it is the opening of the heart chakra, the center of our being, the power of Love. And make no mistake … the heart chakra in women has been as closed off as the heart chakra in men. For the patriarchal program lives in ALL of us.

It may be a long time before men & women get on the same page, when we are both in our balanced masculine + feminine power, voice, & heart. We are in an incredible time of potential transformation. The end of the Patriarchal Epoch, the end of the Piscean Age, the opening to a whole new time and a whole new consciousness. Truly, I may never cross the bridge into the promised land. I may just be a single plank across that bridge, and this is where I choose to take my stand.