Black Mother Snake

Earth bound, slithering through the slime and shit
of an existential hole in time, unable to see the sky.
Longing to spread my wings of delight
and ascend the silver stairs to the sun.

Condemned and blessed to feel the ryhthms of the snake dance,
taught by naked black dykes who copulate with crocodiles,
surrounded by fools, hoodlums, and Chinese Kung Fu fighters
who sing the anthem to the darkness.

Seeking shelter from the smelly swamp,
clawing and scratching to get to the top of the pyramid,
only to tumble down, again, broken wings, scarred right hand,
naked, terrified, clutching my broken umbrella.

Surrendering to the soft moist earth, the night never ends,
I learn to pray to the darkness.
What choice have I?
Where else is there to go?

The welding rod of being strikes the spark
that opens the wounding which cannot be seen,
where Black Mother Snake slithers up
out of the delicious primal ooze.