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Many years ago, my dear friend Nonine told me about her dream: “I saw you with a book in your chest, as the golden pages flew open.” She looked at me and said: “Dene, you ARE the book!”

Across the years, countless hours in front of the screen, half-written stories on crumpled paper, fighting back the feelings of failure, asking: “What if I’m NOT the book?”

When in Ashland, I took a writing class, I wrote the first paragraph of My First Initiation. For the next year, I wrote about my childhood, and the ‘pages flew open’. I have been waiting for that inspiration ever since.

They say a writer writes, whether he likes it or not, whether it’s good stuff or shit, he just writes. So here I go, letting it rip, just putting it out there. The inspiration is right here in front of me … on the tv, in the films and documentaries, the news cycles, and incessant social media. I keep saying out loud: “Are you fucking kidding me?” as the stories get more and more surreal.

There is a growing sense of militancy inside me, and rather than turning it outward or worse, turning it inward, I write. I have no aspiration or ambition here, just looking to channel this energy into something creative. I will do my best to regularly share what comes through me … stories, dreams, poems, insights, commentaries, bursts of light, holes of darkness … the good, the bad, and the ugly. I pray for inspiration from the alchemist, the angels, guides, muses, and the ultimate teacher … the spirit and soul of my everyday life.

I welcome your thoughts, feelings, feedback, commentaries, and shared experience of what comes through you. We are on this journey of awakening together, brothers and sisters alike. I look forward to what unfolds.

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