Fierce & Tender

‘Fierce & Tender’ is a memoir of a ‘medicine’ man, someone who chooses to penetrate down into his own darkness, wrestle with his own shadows, and confront his own demons. And hopefully … if his heart is true and brave … he is both blessed & burdened to bring back a healing medicine to the people. Dene’s life work and calling is to awaken and heal himself. In so doing, he has helped men, women, and couples across the globe to evolve in these darkest of times. He is an award-winning story teller, a master coach, and a seasoned facilitator in helping men heal their hearts to find their own sacred masculine, and then their divine feminine.

In this authentic and powerful book, you will experience the profound intimacy that Dene brings. His courage, ego-sacrifice, and brutal honesty about his own struggles inspire us. His story is a deeply human one, the archetypal story of ‘every man’ who reaches a crossroad and must answer two essential questions: “Who am I as a (hu)man? & What am I called to do with this life?” Answering them is the real inner soul work.

With clarity and compassion, Dene continually cuts through to the heart of the matter. He shares his very personal journey, through initiations, rites of passage, and his own marriage. From these, he finds his true medicine. Dene invites us: “Whatever it is that awakens you, follow it. Pain that lingers is pain worth looking into. The old wounds can be healed, we have the emotional and spiritual technology to rewrite our original software code.”

As we turn our gaze courageously inward, back to the beginning, to the genesis of the original psychic imprint, there we find it … layered deep in the cells of the body, revealed in the wide range of our deepest emotions, unrelentingly waiting for us. The heart is the doorway, the place of truth, the place of greatest pain, the place of wholeness. On the other side of this inner battle, the ‘new warrior’ finds him/herself … open-hearted, vulnerable, fiercely honest, courageous … where the True Self accrues authentic power. When a man says ‘yes’ to this search, his life is never the same. When he says ‘no’, his life is always the same.

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