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How I Work

I utilize video conference platforms such as Zoom or FaceTime for our work. Over the years I have developed the following strategy to help facilitate your greatest growth.

My 1-month trial coaching program (total 2 hours) will help you to begin crafting the new life you desire. We will create a map of your goals and our strategies to meet them, providing a sense of direction and accountability. The more clear and determined you are, the better chance of reaching your goals. It is important that you are prepared for each session by doing your homework and having something tangible that you would like to address.

After the 1-month trial period, we will reassess, and you will decide whether you wish to continue. If so, I normally recommend a 6 month commitment to work. It takes at least this long to bring to light the underlying patterns, flush out negative beliefs, and begin to reframe them as positive affirmations and actions.

My 6-month coaching program provides an opportunity to delve into the deep work that promises the greatest conscious growth. Once you commit the time, effort, and financial resources to invest in yourself through this program, you will see your sincere efforts consistently rewarded by positive, tangible growth. If you follow the program, I promise you will grow and evolve. You will see yourself with much more awareness and consciousness, and from this state, you will make better choices and decisions.

Your safety and confidentiality are first and foremost. I will never record a coaching session without your prior approval, and I will not share any of your information.

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