Newsletter #03: Mentorship For Young Men

In the absence of sacred male initiation, boys grow up with little real connection to mature older men. Fathers tend to be absent, and most men tend to be absorbed in the daily stuff of their own lives. 

In this current fear-based world, ruled by the lower chakras, self-preservation is the 1st law of nature. Competition is in our DNA, and we men have been programmed from the crib. Living in the ManBox is hazardous: our health markers are low, our suicide rates are high, our ability to feel is dysfunctionally limited, and we struggle to recognize and speak about our pain. The traditional definitions of masculinity are very much in effect.

In our Men’s Work, we offer men a pathway to connect deeply with themselves, and with other men. We give men the opportunity to take a deep look within, without judgment, shame, violence, or rejection. We lovingly tolerate imperfection, we compassionately call out bullshit.

For most of the last 35 years, we have been initiating middle age men into maturity. For the last 10 years, we have opened our doors to the diverse beauty of manhood, and young men are entering the work. While they are much more connected to themselves and to others, they still struggle to find their way into mature manhood.

There are many mature men in the work, men who have learned the lessons and broken free of the ManBox. We are available to initiate, train, educate, and love young men into the healthy deep masculine. We welcome you !!!   

Blessings …


Originally published 7/30/19