From Men

“No better coach in the world for sincere and authentic transformation than Dene!”

Teja Bell, Radiant Heart Qigong

“First, I want to thank you Dene, and acknowledge the grace and power which you have modeled for me as a leader on our trainings. Especially these past few years, I have seen in you a quiet yet fierce way of leading that I do not see in other men. I’ve seen you expand the perimeter and deepen the context for the men on staff many times. I believe the impact still has a rippling effect here in our local community. I am remembering the times when you read from the Tao of Leadership, or The Rag & Bone Shop of the Heart. Great stuff and it was so different from the forceful leadership that is often seen in the world. Well done … and your fierceness was right there when you wanted to wake the staff up and focus the energy in a different way.”

Francis B. – Landscaper

“In my work as an NPR interviewer & host for 10 years, I have had the opportunity to interview dozens of practitioners in the field of human potential and healing. None of these teachers eclipse Dene Maria Sebastiana in clarity, authenticity, and compassion. His work is extraordinarily powerful.”

Jeff G. – The Jefferson Exchange

“Through knowing himself, Dene is open to the full range of human experience, and thus capable of deep compassion. Both as teacher and healer, Dene is gifted and exceedingly capable. Unafraid, but not without the cautions born of wisdom, Dene sees what is needed and moves into the fire in search of healing solutions.”

John F. – Architect

Dene is a world class facilitator and brilliant coordinator of group dynamics. He has the ability to go deep with the individual and to similarly invite the collective, a rare combination of talents. Dene’s strongest gift is his compassion: a poignant ability to see with deep feeling and to feel with great vision. He has a perceptive, laser–like capacity to see to the heart of the issue, and not get lost in peripheral maze of details. He is able to stay with what is essential, to keep bringing things back to where the meat of the matter is. Therefore, he is effective and efficient in using his and his clients’ time and energy

Don H. – CEO

“Like Dene, I’ve been doing men’s work for decades. However, there is always more. And when it came to navigating a very tender and challenging period around meeting my biological father, I was grateful for the power and presence with which Dene held me. His support allowed me to relax and trust the process, knowing that no matter how things turned out I would be resourced to stay within my own heart. Dene had my back and that confidence meant I could meet my father without needing anything from him. Powerful, transformative, grounding.

Keith V – Silicon Valley exec

From Women

“Last weekend, I witnessed a man filled with unconditional love for women. I marveled at your passion, conviction, and willingness to fully offer yourself up to a group of women who needed your wisdom, tenderness, and ultimately your strength. I was sustained in a way I could not have anticipated by the way you guided us and then walked with us into the fire of truth. You are a man magnificently balanced in your masculine and feminine energies, full of grace, willing to put yourself on the razor’s edge. I am lifted up and humbled by the knowledge that my path to authentic womanhood was to be revealed to me by a man. Men and women healing and evolving together – hope is alive.”

Krista K. – Account Executive

“Dene is god(dess)-send. He is the first highly skilled personal work facilitator who is a man, who has fully embraced the power of the feminine. I leave a session with Dene feeling more confident and hopeful for my future as a maturing woman in service. My daughter has expressed feeling totally acknowledged from her work with Dene and her beloved. I am in deep gratitude that this current generation has Dene as a life coach.”

Kim I. – Intuitive Counselor & Coach

“Healing my wounds with men was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had; having an opportunity to share my pain, my anger, my distrust, and my frustration with men who listened to me and were willing to walk with me. They helped me to open more deeply to the feminine within me and to trust it. As a result, my relationship with my husband and the men in my life is growing deeper, and the relationship with myself is more trustworthy. I highly recommend this weekend for any woman ready to take the step. Dene is powerful, gentle, strong, and loving, and most importantly for my healing, he met me where I was, matched me when I went deeper, and greeted me with respect when I arrived where I wanted to be.”

Sheri Z. – Workshop Group Leader

From Couples:

“Dene provides a safe and open environment for the often painful work of getting to the root of relationship-threatening dynamics. Our work with Dene has produced great shifts in behavior and uncovering deep truths about ourselves and our relationship. The sessions are never clinical, but empathetic and compassionate. I recommend SunMoonCoaching to anyone wanting to move beyond their own limitations and false beliefs, and entrenched blocks in their intimate relationships.”

Natalie R. & Scott L.

“When we were at a crossroad in our marriage, Dene provided his masterful guidance and invaluable insights and tools for us to emerge more deeply bonded and committed than ever before. He is equally gifted in working with women and with men.”

David & Irene K. – Author, Artist