The Black Face of Magic

Barefoot I descend along the narrow diamond-backed passageway
that twists and turns and undulates deeper towards the center of the storm.
The stone wall opens, the waves rise on all sides
so close I can feel drops hitting my face.

An unseen force carries me along,
so terrifying, yet I open and surrender
merging with the currents as each frozen part of me thaws,
dissolving into the vast blackness.

In slow motion, I rest at the bottom.
All is still, no sound except the tickling of a black baby grand.
And there she sits, naked black body glistening,
swaying in perfect rhythm to the discordant notes.

I move close, I want to run away.
I hold my breath, I exhale, my eyes wide open,
paused in this moment of perfection,
I surrender to the black face of magic.