Newsletter #01: Where It All Began

Dear Family & Friends …

I welcome you to my 1st newsletter. I am humbled and grateful to be in intimate connection with you. My prayer is that my words touch something inside of you. It does not matter that you agree or disagree with what I say. What matters is that it captures your attention, makes you feel something, and invites you to consider your own life.

The Earth is rumbling, humans are afraid, angry, confused, ashamed and shameless … pain and horror are everywhere. Most people tend to shy away from their own personal pain. They try to fix, medicate, deny, distract, anything to make it go away. Others worship, exaggerate, hide behind, manipulate from it. The ego has never been stronger.

My first story is about where violence was imprinted in me, and the warfare that was my childhood, both in the household and on the streets. I do not know if many young guys in my neighborhood got out intact. I was a lucky one, and by the graces, turned my core wound into my mission.

I wrote the first paragraph of this story in the fall of 2003. and it began a year’s worth of writing to download and heal my childhood  I have many stories to share with you, and their relevant social commentary. Follow the link below, and you may read “My First Initiation” and/or watch the San Miguel Storytelling Video. I hope you enjoy, and come back for more.

Blessings …

Dene Maria Sebastiana


Photos by Arved Deeke & David MacKenzie
Originally published 7/17/19