A Men’s Coach for Women

I have been blessed with good women in my life, ever since I was a boy. Maybe because I was born with a tender heart, I could relate to them. I jumped double-dutch in the schoolyard. talked about girly things, and I listened, did my best to be a good friend. As you can imagine, I took a lot of shit from the tough guys in the neighborhood. Been that way my whole life.

At 24, I had my first real mentor, a woman 20 years older than me. She saw the pain in my eyes, got me into therapy, been a friend ever since. She helped me reclaim my broken heart, I am more than grateful.

I have been with Mignon for more than 30 years. Marriage is challenging, still the best learning container for true transformation. We have been through the bowels of hell, and we are now on the other side … connected, respectful, affectionate, empowered, often like sisters, and still juicy.

Over the years, I have worked with many women, and it is hardly ever easy. As a man working with women … husband, facilitator, friend, ally, coach … the most important thing is to create safety. Only when a man is safe, does the feminine open.

It is challenging for women to consider doing deep, personal work with a man. So many men have proven themselves to be untrustworthy, it takes great courage to trust a man whom you do not know.

It is my belief that BOTH women AND men have work to do … separately and together. Our current global conditions are a function of thousands of years of dysfunction. The real women’s movement is less than 50 years old, and while women’s voices are full and clear, and more men are listening, the patriarchal deeply imprinted program still runs our interior apparatus.

I can help you:

  • Challenge the status quo.
  • Find your own voice and fearlessly speak your truth.
  • Refuse the old patriarchal conditioning everywhere.
  • Balance the masculine & feminine within.
  • Be crystal clear in all your relationships.
  • Learn & welcome conflict resolution.
  • Trust your instincts & intuition.
  • Take action fearlessly.
  • Learn about men from a man who works with men.

“Last weekend, I witnessed a man filled with unconditional love for women. I marveled at your passion, conviction, and willingness to fully offer yourself up to a group of women who needed your wisdom, tenderness, and ultimately your strength. I was sustained in a way I could not have anticipated by the way you guided us and then walked with us into the fire of truth. You are a man magnificently balanced in your masculine and feminine energies, full of grace, willing to put yourself on the razor’s edge. I am lifted up and humbled by the knowledge that my path to authentic womanhood was to be revealed to me by a man. Men and women healing and evolving together – hope is alive.”

Krista K. – Account Executive